Picture yourself watching how several people have earned a huge amount of money by investing online and you want to try it out yourself. So you go online and search for a brokerage firm that has good offers. Suddenly, you come across a broker that offers huge leverage on the trades and guarantees double returns, you get excited and register yourself with the firm. You invest your hard-earned money with the firm in the hopes of getting double in return. The next day they call you and say there is a limited period offer and that you need to invest some more money to get an even higher amount in return, you do as told and start building dreams of your life with all that money. A few days later you wake up to your account being blocked, you try calling the firm but it doesn’t work and there you realize that you have lost all your money to that scam broker.

Do you want this to happen to you? Do not worry when we are here!

We, at ReportScam, are a team of specifically curated experienced traders and research specialists whose motto is to protect you from the ugly traps of the scam brokers. With the spike in customers entering the financial market every year, the number of scammers is not way behind. Scammers have made the online financial market their breeding ground as the internet has given them the advantage of anonymity while continuing with their scams. Even if we look at the number of minimum scams that happen in a day around the world, the answer would still be in the triple-digit values.

What is ReportScam’s  role in this?

Now, a question might occur in your mind that lies on the lines of “if it is this dangerous, why do people bother investing in online schemes?”

The answer to this is very simple: Online trading and investing is a great way of increasing your money with the comfort of being at your place. With a little knowledge in trading and thorough research of the brokerage firms, a trader can easily earn lots of money in their free time. Now the question appears as to how will you detect a scam broker and this is where we come into play.

Although there are a lot of government-authorized and private agencies that look into the financial market and try to keep the scammers out, it is not possible for a smaller ratio of regulated agencies to tackle a much higher ratio of scammers. ReportScam is a community of experts passionately working towards helping you from the scam brokers.

What all do we cover?


ReportScam mainly covers two aspects in protecting the customers of the financial market:


The team picks and investigates various brokers who have either been issued a warning by the regulators or have been prominent in our complaints. We ensure that our readers have the full picture of the broker while reading the reviews and therefore, we also explain all the red flags that our team detects. With the help of our Research and analysis team and our team of content writers, we strive to put together the reviews of scam brokers in an easy-to-read yet informative way.


We believe that helping a trader out of a scam is as important as protecting them from scams. This is the reason why our team of Fund Recovery specialists is always at your service. If you have been scammed before, do not let the criminal enjoy your hard-earned money and report a complaint with us. We will go through your complaint and get back to you with the best possible solution for your fund recovery.

At Reportscam, we assure and strive towards keeping you safe from the vicious Scam Brokers. For more details, Contact us.