The security testing process is a crucial component of any company’s security measures for information. No matter how many security measures you put in place for your information, you’ll never know whether they’re effective until you actually test them through commissioning Security penetration tests (also called “pen test”). SOC

When conducting security penetration testing The tester will be able to probe the network and computer security, and then try to penetrate them (with your consent) not causing the damage hackers who are malicious could create. Cyber Security  The findings are explained in a report, which provides recommendations for how to fix any security holes within your systems.

To make the most value from the test results, it’s crucial to be aware of the general pattern that is used by the test. It is also possible to ensure that the company you choose follows the right procedure. The major phases are as follows:

* Foot-printing: The public websites are utilized to find out information about your organization’s Internet presence.

* Scanning Standard tools are employed to identify the networks in a way that is not intrusive by determining how many computers are connected as well as the configuration of your network.

The Enumeration phase involves making connection to active system to identify details (such as account names that are legitimate) that could be exploited by hackers. This stage , as well as the two previous stages are legal. The next steps cannot be legally legal without your organization’s written authorization.

Gaining access Access: This is when security penetration testing is a must and determines the likelihood that hackers are in a position to gain the access of your system.

* Extending access rights Once he or she has gained access to the system, the pen tester now wants to expand his/her permissions to access the maximum possible level, in order to determine whether your network is susceptible to this type or “exploit”. If a hacker succeeds in gaining access to a high-level level would be able to do significant destruction to systems.