Not all native plant nurseries are operated equal in terms of best practices in social responsibility including a strong sense of responsibility for environmental protection. Keep in mind that as a consumer, you also have the responsibility of patronizing nurseries with best practices in nursery management as part of your own social responsibility. When you demand it of your local plant nursery, you are reinforcing a culture of best practices, too.

What are the aspects of best practices that you can ask from your native plant nursery as a consumer? Here are a few examples.

First, the irrigation water should be regularly tested to ensure that it is, indeed, free from pathogens. This is applicable for nurseries that use open irrigation water sources (i.e., lakes and ponds) or blend surface and well water sources. Ask the staff about their basic procedures for chlorination, ozonation and filtration, among others.

Second, the plant nursery should have proper sanitation measures in place to ensure that pathogens are significantly minimized in the areas where the plants are being cultivated. Even a walkabout the nursery will provide clues as to the sanitation measures implemented by the management. It is also important to determine that the mist beds, cutting benches and sorting area, among other tools used in cultivation, are disinfected after every crop rotation for this purpose.

Third, the native plants are not removed in large batches from the wild; otherwise, the native population will be severely depleted. Most reliable plant nurseries will secure a few cuttings from the wild and then propagate the cuttings in their facilities. You should inquire about their approach to transplantation from the wild to their facilities just to be on the safe side.

Fourth, the staff members of the plant nursery should be well-informed about the best practices in the facilities. You should be able to ask them relevant questions about such practices and then you should be provided with satisfactory answers – or at the very least, referred to more experienced supervisors. Your warning bells should be loudly ringing if and when the staff cannot provide satisfactory answers to routine questions about native plant handling. It’s imperative that persons taking care of the plants are knowledgeable of what they are doing.

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Konifergarten has been devoting itself to the protection and preservation of extremely rare species and forms of conifers for many years. We not only support the protection of threatened species in their natural habitats, but we would also like to actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity with our work. Even if the protection of the natural habitat must always come first, some species and forms in their natural habitat are so strongly threatened by human or natural influences that their survival cannot be ensured without far-reaching measures. The horticultural culture of these botanical treasures is another important way of preserving biodiversity. We are the many conifer collectors,

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