The power to reveal the original meaning hidden within a word is called word power. Word power is the power to produce the prodigy or miracle in prose, verse or other genre of literature, it is called word power.


Types of words (shabd ke prakar) – There are three types of words in terms of meaning – words meaning, words of help and expression words etc.

Abhidha word shakti abhidha shabd shakti


Whom is the word Abhisha called Shakti – the word that gives power directly to the signifying meaning is called Abhidha word, meaning the signifying meaning which can be understood without any hindrance at once, such as connotations, popular popular meaning, etc. Words that are already known to the reader or listener.

For example, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, we have four Vedas, the Prime Minister of our country is Shri Narendra Modi.

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Most importantly, the same meaning of a word is assumed in Abhidha.

Abhidha is mainly three distinctions of the word Shakti (1) Rudra, (2) Yogur (3) Yogruddha.

The Kavya Prabhakar text mentions 12 distinctions of it –

Is coincidence, disconnection aru cum charaj su opposition

Case meaning

Justify puni desbal time difference

Poet Herr says Dwadash Abhidha Shakti.

Abhidha is counted in the category of best poetry because it has the highest ability to convey the mean weight. Like a prose article, correspondence, newspaper, conversation etc.

shabd shakti