Posters are a very important marketing component. They can be seen as large advertising pieces focusing on one central theme with the opportunity to attract a large number of viewers. The purpose of a poster is to attract attention to your message and evoke action. Designing a poster can be frustrating, oftentimes we try to include too much information and lose the focus of our message. Before designing your poster, spend time planning ahead, laying out ideas, concepts, your goal, and know what your central message is.

Follow these simple design and layout tips to create an amazing full-color printing poster.

o Start by writing down everything you would like to have on your poster, keeping in mind who your target audience is.

o Develop a central theme, concept, or purpose with precise information.

o Emphasize the most important element. Draw attention to that component.

o Credible and motivating. After you draw them in, give them something they want to pursue that is realistic and sincere.

o Have a specific text element that directs attention to make your message clear and interesting. Make that element in a different style, size, or color. Text size and font type are very important aspects when designing a poster. They will determine whether your audience will be able to read your poster with ease. If not, all your hard work was for nothing.

o Use a template. Custom poster templates with preset bleeds, trim area, and safe area are an easy way to ensure proper print ready formatting.

o Eliminate any poster “noise”. Poster “noise” happens when you add irrelevant or unnecessary information to your poster. Keep in mind you have less than 3 seconds to draw the attention of your audience to your poster; be exact and clear.

o Don’t forget the important information. Dates, time, location, phone numbers, address, or any other pertinent information.

o Create attention grabbers! Seeing that you don’t have a lot of time to get the attention of your audience you need to make a quick impact, such as a catching and interesting statement, photographs, graphics, colors, layout, etc.

o Take advantage of full color poster printing. 4-color poster printing is affordable and the quality is higher then quick prints or digital printing! Make your poster professional and memorable with vibrant full color offset printing.

o Spell-check and get someone else to proof-read your poster.

When you have finished your final poster design on paper, you can start designing it on a computer. Be sure to check this list off before poster printing.

o Titles and subheadings should be short yet meaningful.

o Content should be concise and to the point.

o Design should be visually appealing, exploring capabilities of color, graphics, and font.

That’s it! Then you can order your poster for printing. Just look up poster printing services and make sure they offer an array of choices with unbeatable deals, especially for color poster printing.

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