You’ve spent a long time studying and writing that literary masterpiece. Maybe, as I did, you self-published or have a contract with an established publisher. There is a national distributor that is ready to deliver your book wherever in the nation. Book sales on the internet are way more than you could ever imagine. The life is great. But why do you need to go on a tour? What is the reason you would stand in a store for two to four hours trying to convince people to buy the book they don’t think they’ll ever require?marque-pages original

What’s the reason? Onereason is that it’s a great opportunity to meet readers. They love autographed books, and love bragging about having met you. It’s also a good way to network with employees and owners of the bookstore who will help promote your book even after you’ve left If they’re awed by the person you are. Let’s face it. You’ve had your eye on book signings from the moment you made the decision to pursue a career as an author. Amazon sales are fantastic, but they’re not enough to fulfill the desire to read your work in front of a crowd of empathetic people sitting in chairs that fold.marque-page métal

As a multi-published writer and participant in four book tours across the country I’ve learned some tricks from industry insiders about the most successful signing events.


o Advertise this event by yourself. Call or email your friends and relatives within the region. Request that they attend, and invite friends. Send a press release out to local radio and newspaper outlets.

• Stand up. Your feet are hurting and you’re tired , but you’re selling something! Imagine a salesperson from a car. Are they sitting at a table with their phone? Smile. Greet everyone. Be enthusiastic. Keep eye contact. Make sure to stand on the side or in front of the table should you be able to. It’s more private and inviting.

Dress in a professional manner. I know you’re a hot romantic author, but if you’re at Children’s Story Time, Soccer Mom isn’t going to want to see your cleavage, or the tat on your lower lower back. The Soccer Moms usually enjoy reading romance novels while playing soccer.

Have something you can give to the community. A few excerpts from the book you wrote, your bookmarks and post cards that include your name and title as well as your websites work great. It should fit in your purse or pocket. Even if they don’t purchase the book right now it is possible that they will purchase it online or go to the store in the future to buy your book. I’ve had customers who wandered around the shop and then returned to my table after they loved the synopsis that was in my book that I had written.

The signing must be confirmed with the manager or owner within a few days of the occasion. I discovered this the hard, costly method. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing someone ask you, “Was that today?” as you enter the door. Wait. There’s a problem. The absence of books. Always keep a bag in your car or additional books in a roll-on bag when traveling via plane. Better safer than sorry.

Think of CIRCUS. Meaning: have something that is eye-catching on your display. i.e. PowerPoint presentations on your computer, a vibrant signage like a bowl of candy (lure your kids to follow and parents to join in) and a design of bath and body products and a funny hat music…anything to get them looking at you. It’s a bit more difficult when you’re from town however it is effective. A table that has nothing but books in it doesn’t seem to appeal to consumers on a regular basis.

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