Seeing many clients who are going though so many mixed emotions over Covid.  On one side there is protection of being under lock down but on the other there is the restriction to their lives.  Is the risk worth it?  Is there  really a risk? Are we more safe now?  Are we at more risk now with new “variants”?  so many questions and so many contradictions.  If the world itself is on a contradictory state then there is no doubt many people will be confused and unsettled. The difference is when a person can accept there is always a risk but do the things in their power to live the life they want and that there is a difference between having a “cheer leader” to support you and a bodyguard to just protect you.  It is about doing focussing on the things we can do better; ie health to keep immune system up rather than forcing unhealthy habbits, like locking yourself up in a room as soon as you hear a cough. Never be afraid to seek professional help and I always have an empathetic but straight talking style at read more