How many times have you looked at an artist and thought enviously to yourself that this is the kind of life that you wish to lead? I mean, the creative freedom that they experience, making loads of money just doing what they love and yes, the fame, all of it is enough to make you go green with envy. But as the famous idiom goes, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Behind this seemingly marvelous life of an artist lies a narrative of struggles that forms a major part of their everyday life. In extremity, you can even say that their creative freedom or fame is the end result of the prolonged struggles that they undergo daily. While learning art, engaging in content creation, finding the right artist platform, success is only something that happens along the way. Art is not created in a matter of a day, it is a process that demands a lot from its creator. After days, months or even years of brainstorming you land with that perfect idea which you wish to execute and then begin the struggle of turning that abstract idea into a concrete piece of art. Imagine writing tens […] read more