When hanging artwork it is important to consider the effects of light upon the art piece. Both for creating the best conditions for its viewing and also for preserving its surface quality and color. Yet too much light or the wrong light can result in damage that will hasten the fading, discoloration, or even the destruction of practically all artworks, photographs, works on paper, books, fabrics, documents, and just about any other item, you have in your collection or your family archive. We have some tips and advice below on how to protect your artwork from light damage. Important things to consider are what is the best light for art, what light damages art, which art is most vulnerable and how can you reduce risk of damage to your art!   What Is the Best Light for Viewing Artworks? The best light for viewing artworks is almost always natural daylight (except in cases where the artwork is designed for viewing under certain conditions). Daylight enables art to be seen in its most natural conditions without distortion to colors that can be caused by artificial lighting. What Type of Light Damages Artworks? Although we have just talked about daylight is the […] read more