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November 29, 2021

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Leather messenger bags vs canvas bags

WHAT KIND OF MESSENGER BAG SHOULD I GET? Messenger bags are fantastic tote bags for students and professionals alike, carrying everything from laptops and tablets to books and thermoses between home and school or work. They can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. They come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes and materials, so there’s something for everyone.   If you’re looking for a new messenger bag, you may be spoiled for choice between leather messenger bags or their canvas counterparts. Leather will likely cost more upfront but is more durable in the long run, while canvas messenger bags trade their durability for cost efficiency and ease of cleaning.   LEATHER MESSENGER BAGS Leather messenger bags are a stylish and sturdy alternative to the bulky backpack or slippery tote bag. A genuine leather messenger bag can cost anywhere from $50 to over $1,000.     ADVANTAGES OF LEATHER MESSENGER BAGS Leather messenger bags have a sleek aesthetic, but are very durable. They are less susceptible to dirt and dust than other fabrics.   LEATHER MESSENGER BAGS DISADVANTAGES Despite its sturdy quality, leather can wear out easily. And if your leather messenger bag gets wet, it can […] read more
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Customize your packaging with a low order quantity at an affordable price

We are QQ Studio®, an online company based in New York and Singapore that specializes in packaging for multiple products and purposes. Our goal is to provide high quality packaging pouches, storage boxes, and dessert packaging with a low order quantity at an affordable price. We serve a multitude of customers, including small business owners looking for packaging for their products and consumers looking for personal storage pouches. Whatever your need is, we have product packaging for everyone! We put an emphasis on understanding our clientele. The feedback and concerns of our customers holds a lot of weight and significance to us. Therefore, for the betterment of our products and our company, we have gone through many changes over the years. We supply a full line of pouch styles including the stand up pouch, flat pouch, side gusseted pouch, flat bottom pouch (box pouch) and roll stocks with featured products of paper kraft pouch, spout pouch, poly foil pouch, etc. available for your choice. Our sophisticated printing capabilities backed up with FDA approved food-grade materials will allow your graphics to appear exceptionally vibrant and your food packaging bags trust-worthily safe.  Our team will work one-on-one with you to ensure your pre-formed pouches are fully customized for your […] read more
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