Have you heard of the racket sport padel? The trend in the field of sports. Now you may be wondering why padel is so popular. The answer is simple, padel is accessible for all ages and levels and is a lot easier to learn than tennis. Does this sport appeal to you and do you want to know more about it? Then read on! What is Padel? Padel is a mix of tennis and squash and originates from Mexico. The sport is particularly popular in South America and Spain, but the sport is also on the rise in other countries. It is mainly known as a fun and social friend sport, because padel is often played with four people on a small field, so you have a lot of contact with each other. The ball often flies in all directions, which makes for hilarious moments. How do you play padel?You play the sport with two or four on a field of 20 x 10 meters surrounded by four walls. The game works as follows, just like in tennis, the ball may hit the surface once before the ball has to be played to the other side, but the biggest difference […] read more