The vast majority of us can nod in recognition that a clean and tidy home makes you feel more comfortable. Just as it should be in your own private home. The opposite is also true, a dirty and dusty home can quickly make you feel uncomfortable. This is how it should not be. Unfortunately, many people think that the daily cleaning is a lengthy process that just needs to be completed quickly. Therefore, you often do not get into the inner nooks and corners, and just wipe surfaces. It can quickly become a vicious circle running. Get help today for your cleaning tasks in collaboration with SCS-Ren.   AVOID DISEASE By keeping bacteria, dust and microorganisms at bay, you can help prevent things like asthma, allergies and other diseases. In addition, cleaning is especially important for you who have pets. Flying dog and cat hair is a problem that is just waiting to occur. Then also add a lot of dust mites and mold, and you will have a nice cocktail, which helps to break down your immune system.   REMOVE BACTERIA By cleaning regularly, you eliminate bacteria along with their companions (dirt and dust), resulting in better indoor environments […] read more