Boosting female entrepreneurs The modern world has welcomed a shared economy with open arms. Coworking spaces, as a significant part of this trend, are on the rise around the globe and have already gained a reputation as alternative workspace solutions to traditional offices. Today, there are close to 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide. Many of these people are working on a freelance basis, present their innovative ideas in startups, create teams of like-minded professionals to reach a common business goal, etc. Shared office units are tremendous workspace resources for self-employed people, digital nomads, SMEs, contractors, and so on.  With a total amount of coworking members set to reach the number of 5,1 million people by the end of 2022, in comparison to 1,74 million in 2017, it is not difficult to predict that the coworking landscape is going to face significant transformations too. Despite numerous controversies, coworking spaces that either cater exclusively to the needs of women or at least are women-centric, have gained a lot of attention and followers along the way. According to “2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” presented by Forbes, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased by 3000% since 1972. Women are favoring entrepreneurship for two […] read more