Everyone wants to do things earlier, but only some of them have the energy and motivation to get things done. Many of you are now thinking about why I am giving you the motivational lesson today. But actually, I am not here to give you a motivational lesson; I am writing this to tell you the most comfortable way to get a driving license. Imagine, if you don’t have a driving license, then how could you drive the car, and if you are not qualified to drive the car, then how could you travel comfortably. So I am here for you to expand your comfort zone. But if you want the long-term comfort zone, then you have to put in some little effort at the beginning. But remember one thing, your comfort now belongs to the driving license, so read the full article, and I’ll tell you the treasure and a secret to get the driving license. So Here is My Story: Almost 5 years back, when I was at the age of 19, I asked my mom to teach me to drive the car. I love to drive cars, but according to the law of the Uk, driving a […] read more