What a pleasure it was to paint this kitchen back in the summer for my lovely customers! Tops painted in Sterling, bottoms painted in Soapstone by Fusion Mineral Paint. Fab new trendy brass gold handles to make it pop! Deb is over the moon, thank you for asking me to paint your kitchen and be part of your home restyling. I adore Debs style and what they have managed to create. A super inspiring urban rustic and reclaimed home.   .                   So how do we do it? Firstly I removed all of the doors and existing hardware then scrubbed clean all doors both sides all carcasses drawers plinths and trims with our awesome specialist furniture cleaner Grime Cutter. I LOVE this product it cuts and breaks down the toughest stains grease, nicotine grime and even gets rid of smells! And its biodegradable! wiped down with clean wet cloths.  Then everything had a scuff sand, using Mirka Sanding Mesh discs My favourite go to for this type of prep hand sanding. Everything was hoovered and wiped to remove any dust  Masking time! I masked off and covered all the areas prone to paint splashes, especially around kick boards and […] read more