Shop with Roots & Nature Today Rural women in Africa provide almost all of the African spices you enjoy. By their sweat and dedication, we are able to enjoy and delight our palates with the exotic tastes of Africa. Rural women in Africa also live on less than $2 a day for all their hard work. And it is hard work: According to the International Labour Organization,almost two-thirds of employed women in Sub-Saharan Africa are engaged in agriculture. Among this number, majority are either unpaid family workers or self-employed and engaged in precarious work. The rural women fortunate enough to get paid for their labour end up being paid 25% less than their male counterparts, even though they work on average 14 to 18 hours more weekly. This situation is not only sad; it is shameful to us as a society. But there is something you—we—can do now to redress the situation and make things right. Roots & Nature Seeks to Expose Rural Women to the International Market It is not enough to suffer indignation. It is not enough to say you are sorry about the plight of rural women being exploited for their value while we enjoy the […] read more