Maximising the potential income from your rental property is important. In Edinburgh, the average rental yield (income divided by property value) is around 5%, and it takes something exceptional to exceed the norm. But there are a few things you can do to give it a boost. To maximise your rental yield, take a look at the below tips before deciding what and where to buy… Choose Your Area Carefully Edinburgh is a relatively small city. However, there is a broad range of properties within the city centre, from New Town to Leith, Gorgie to Dalry and The Shore to Morningside and Bruntsfield. As you get closer to premium areas like Edinburgh New Town and Old Town, your margins will likely be slimmer because purchase prices are highest. So look for opportunities where regeneration is already underway, as this will signal the up and coming locations. Areas like Leith, where the tramline is being extended, are where you may enjoy a greater return on your investment in the long term. Keep an eye out for improvements being made to local facilities in locations where average rents are at the lower end. Property prices will likely be lower right now, but there is still tenant demand. As […] read more