Have you ever had the opportunity of meeting or engaging with a theatre artist and were like most of us taken in by their strong aura? If yes, did you wonder what is so unique about these theatre artists which captivates everyone in an instant? Let’s find an answer to this question and resolve the mystery behind their strong presence on and off stage. If I ask you to name those qualities or skills without which one cannot excel in today’s highly competitive world, what would those be? No, I am not talking about technical skills like programming, management or animation but those personal skills that every recruiter looks for in a potential candidate. You must have guessed it by now, I am talking about your communication skills, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, confidence, adaptability and all the other skills which come under the umbrella term of personal skills. Now, to acquire technical skills, you enroll into a corresponding university but what is the path to acquiring these personal skills? What if the answer to this question is Theatre. Today, let us familiarize you with the most creative path towards personal development – Theatre.  Everyone who has had first hand experience […] read more