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January 16, 2022

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The New Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar

Buying a house involves many factors, especially if solar panels are involved. You will likely have some questions about solar energy regardless of whether you want to install solar once you move in or if you buy a house that already has solar panels. As a new homeowner, Sunline Energy can guide you through the process of going solar and answer any questions you have about residential solar panels. As the #1 solar company in Southern California, we have installed solar panels on thousands of properties across Southern California.    Would this house be a good candidate for solar panels?  When buying a home, make sure you can install solar panels before purchasing it, if solar energy is a priority. When house hunting, look for houses with south-facing roofs and little to no shading. A roof inspection should also be conducted before purchasing a home to make sure it can support the solar array and isn’t near the end of its life.   Solar panels: Buying vs. leasing vs. financing  A new SoCal homeowner has a few options available when it comes to solar panels: Cash – By purchasing solar with cash, you become the direct owner of the system […] read more
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Why Would I Need a 25 Year Solar Panel Product – If I Plan To Sell My Home?

If you have solar panels installed on your home in San Diego, CA, and decide to sell your home. The new buyers can take advantage of the transferable product warranty for the rest of the remaining years. Solar will help the new buyer to save money if they have similar energy patterns. In San Diego, that’s about a total savings of $25,000 electricity cost in the remaining years. As long as the solar energy system is running smoothly and energy prices continue to rise.  Quality solar panels, like Panasonic, LG, Q Cells, Solaria, REC. Offer a 25-year warranty.  An experienced real estate agent will inform potential buyers how quality solar panels will add financial benefits just as an HVAC, swimming pool, high-end kitchen appliances would. Having quality solar panels installed is a financial investment in the long run. Installing Quality Solar Panels For a Great Long Term Performance Quality solar panels will give you reliable services for many years. Although mounting devices and cables are less influential to the performance of a solar system, choosing lower quality inverters or components will lead to constantly failed systems. In some cases, low-quality cables and plugs have contributed to system failures that include […] read more
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6 Steps to Find the Right Solar Company

Installing solar panels will be a long-term investment, that’s why it’s very important to find the right solar company that will meet your needs. But with so many solar energy companies how do you choose the right one? If you don’t know where to begin or it’s too confusing, here is a step-by-step guide to help you find the right solar company for you.  Step 1: Put Together a List of Solar Providers One of the best ways to compare solar providers is to create a list that includes information about each of the companies. You can write it in a notebook or using a Word document or an  Excel spreadsheet. The solar companies should be providers near your area. It’s a great idea to add local businesses and national companies that are in your city.   One way to get started on your list, is to search on your favorite search engine for words like “solar providers”, “solar energy companies”, “solar panel companies” followed by the city you are living in.  Once you are happy with your list, you can start filing it out with useful information to help you compile it over the next steps.  Step 2: Create […] read more
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