Investing in UK Property can be very rewarding for British Nationals and non-nationals. When buying a property, you can consider paying cash or obtain a mortgage.  Taking a mortgage to buy may be a good idea for tax purposes. When obtaining a mortgage, the lender will consider your income. However, given you are buying the property as an investment, the potential rental income will help you get a mortgage.  Rental income will need to meet at least 125% of the monthly interest payments on the loan, a view known as ‘rental cover’. So, if you’re mortgage interest payments equal £1,000 a month, you’ll need to be earning £1,250 in anticipated rental income. At the same time, a deposit on a Buy-to-Let mortgage is typically more significant than the one on a standard mortgage. Most Buy to Let lenders expect a deposit of 25%. Still, there are examples of 45% deposits for those investing in Buy-to-Let property. Some things to consider when buying in the UK: 1 What is involved in investing in UK property? You need to understand what is involved when buying a property in the UK. The tax requirements and the legal implications of being a landlord. UK […] read more