Vegetable cutting machines uses This article is about how to using vegetable cutting machines in a commercial kitchen. A period ago most of the vegetable cutting works are done by human power. Nowadays human resources are very costly resources. This article explains to you how to reduce the labor forces in your commercial kitchen. Usually, in the small commercial kitchen at least two unskilled laborers working to prepare the vegetables. Using this machine you can at least reduce one labor. If your kitchen is larger you can save much more amount it than small vendors. This machine can cut 200 kg of onions per hour. Calculate the savings of 200 kg of onions .this work takes three or four labor forces. At least you can save 100  to 200 USD per day. In a small kitchen, at least you can save 60 USD per day. But the machine prices only 400 USD, so the return of investment is only  10 days. I am wondering why this commercial food maker not using this kind of machine because they don’t have much awareness about this kind of automatic machine. Only a few people know about these foot processers. So this kind of […] read more