At the age of 21, I was studying overseas at the age of 21 in South Africa. After my time in South Africa I only had just a few months until I had to return in California. So, I set out to determine what part across the globe I can see during that time. Taxi Woking A friend had spoken highly of Cape Maclear on the shores of Lake Malawi. He spoke of paradise often and 1,500 miles did not appear that far when I set off.

I reached Tete at the shores of Zambezi in Mozambique on the morning of Thanksgiving. I had travelled the majority of the distance and used up the majority of my cash and had lost all my excitement. Traveling by hitchhiking for the whole trip was tiring, and when I finally managed to locate a place to talk to my parents I could hear them from my voice.Woking taxi They wired me some additional spending money and I indulged myself in the ‘turkey’ sandwich, which was more sour than fowl. I slept in an upholstered cot on the second floor porch of a boardinghouse trying to not vomit.

I woke up at 7 hours in the morning, and was already covered in sweat. I grabbed my backpack with 40 pounds of clothing including camping gear, dirt, and headed out onto the streets that were already boiling. I walked just 300 yards before I gave up.Taxis Woking

 I had that tiny portion of cash that my parents had given me to me, and even though it was meant to be used for food, I’ve not been a good budgeter and decided to take an Uber. I found an auto at a busy intersection but I was unaware when I did it, it was going to eventually alter the course of my journey.

The driver of the tiny blue Opel came out to assist me with my bag, and then gave me a slap on my back. “Too warm to be walking!” I shook my head and told him that I needed to cross the border. “Oh I’m will be going towards Malawi?” Another smile.

During the journey, Edwin the driver of the taxi, was doing much of the speaking. His home was Malawi which is a large city named Blantyre. He said that Cape Maclear was beautiful, but it was crowded with tourists. He suggested I spend time with him around town and get to know the locals.

I’ve heard of such offers before. You’d like to stay open, but realize that you’ve got an eye on you with a dollar symbol on the target. When he offered to drive me towards Blantyre himself, and an additional 150 miles, what could I say?

When we finally got to Blantyre we had talked about family, politics as well as the future and everything else. “When we arrive at Blantyre you’ll be able to stay at my side… You’ll realize that I am the king of my own hood!” And he was definitely lying. It seems like he wasn’t at home for a while as the moment we arrived at his home, every passerby knew him. It was as if he were running for office, but it wasn’t. It was simply Edwin.