The food industry worldwide is inter-related with all the aspect of food production, marketing and the consumption of consumers. Marketing takes part in this series of food activities which is often referred to as from the farm to your plate. As a succession of interconnected activities, food marketing jobs continues to dominate the classified job opportunities worldwide.

The art of food marketing incorporates farming, processing, manufacturing, culinary arts, nutrition and dietetics, food and beverage restaurants, and the household meal preparation. In the United States alone, food marketing jobs are considered to be the largest direct and indirect employer.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, food marketing jobs form a reasonable percentage of the country’s work force. Additionally, in other countries worldwide, it also contributes to the economic growth of their cities and towns. As such, you can always find food marketing jobs in your local employment agencies or in the internet.

Food marketing jobs generally involves the inter-related concepts of the goods, cost and prices, advertising and location.

• Goods

The goods come from the farmers and the food manufacturers. Food products are developed and enhanced by nutritionists, dieticians and chemists before it can be sold in the market. Those in the food and beverage industry, as well as the household consumers also play an important role from food presentation to consumption.

• Costs and Prices

Food marketing executives with the relevant business degree handles and assesses the food products’ marketability and its end prices for consumers. This involves the analysis of cost and price in terms of production, packaging, storing, and shipping among others. This apply both to food products in the groceries and in the food and beverage restaurants.

• Advertising

This involves the creative people who made it their profession to promote food to the consumers. This is usually done by media advertisements on TV, radio, magazines and the internet. You can also find these advertisements in the store itself, in coupons and discount promotions, and even in the packaging itself.

• Location

Location refers to the warehousing, shipping and distribution aspect of food marketing. It is also associated with the place where the sale is transacted like that of groceries, markets and restaurants.

Today, the art of marketing in the food sector requires a number of social factors in the production and consumption of food. Food marketing jobs take a look in food and product safety and research taking into consideration the health and wellness of the consumers. It also advocates for environmental and sustainability projects and program, as well the inter-industry teamwork and exchange of ideas to promote and facilitate a healthier food products.

To complete the marketing process, the industry also works with the government to help those who are marginalized like the low income families to meet their daily food requirements. Additionally, it also works towards product safety by adhering to government standards in terms of nutritional value of the food products and making food accessible to a greater number of people.

The art of food marketing is truly a dynamic field where one can directly take part in the nutritional needs of the country.

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