The wedding day is among the most important events of your life. You pay a great deal for wedding flowers, stationery, dresses and makeup artists and hotels and more. Your personal style and personality are incorporated into the specifics.Φωτογράφος Γάμου Whatever you’re looking for and what you are looking for, there’s an available wedding photographer to meet your needs.

Photographers are a diverse group of dimensions, personalities and styles. Certain photographers shoot in one specific style . There photographer who use a range of styles.φωτογράφιση γάμου There are also creators of their unique style.

The most well-known wedding photography styles that are available today are:



– Illustrative

Let’s take a look at each…


Wedding photojournalism is believed to entice the bride and groom who require a collection of distinctive photos that “tell an story”φωτογραφία γάμου or tell the story of the wedding ceremony. Wedding photojournalism is now an extremely popular form of wedding photography. It’s the art of capturing events in a discreet manner. You may not even be aware that the photographer is present. Usually, the photographer captures the wedding using a huge telescope (although it is not always) and makes sure to stay out of the background from the narrative as unfolds.

Wedding photojournalists react to the events that unfold, but they don’t modify or invent events. The photos they create could be unpredictable (as is life itself) Many people see the unpredictability a disadvantage when it comes to these particular styles. Personally, I think it’s not a disadvantage, but rather the most beautiful thing about this particular style. It truly is a diary of your wedding day. The purpose of wedding Photojournalism is to record the personal story of your wedding day. Wedding photojournalism is about capturing moments, rather than poses, and captures the energy and emotions surrounding the whole day. The photographs convey genuine emotion and convey the essence of your wedding in the way it happens naturally.

The best in the world I personally think it’s Jeff Ascough but many photographers will suggest Dennis Reggie. Dennis is the founder of this style.


Wedding photography traditionally is style comprised of a set of fake posed or’set up’ photos, typically of the wedding party as well as the families of the wedding couple. Wedding photographers typically adhere to a’shot list’. Backgrounds and lighting are tightly controlled by the photographer , resulting in images that are properly exposed. The drawbacks that come with Traditional wedding photography can be related to how long it takes the Bride and Groom spend getting their photo taken. Photographs can appear visually appealing but they are stiff because of their static and manufactured nature, as well as their unpredictability.

The advantage for traditional photos is you can end with a collection of professional pictures of your family members and friends.

While traditional wedding photography is a part of the contemporary photography world, it is being overshadowed by more artistic and photojournalist ways of shooting. Traditional photographers are those who are older and have been around for since the beginning and haven’t changed their approach or style. You will find it in novices at the lower end because it’s a simple type of photography which doesn’t require a lot of imagination. However, it requires skill, so don’t think that you can be a pro at it.

It is probably not a good idea to be too dependent on formal portraits but you’ll be missing out on lots of the excitement and passion as well as the emotions that are present in your wedding. A majority of couples ensure that they include candid photos of photojournalism within their wedding albums along with the formal photos.

Top of the best I’m a fan of Monte Zucker.


Wedding photographers who photograph weddings in an Illustrative style consider design elements , by placing their subjects in areas with interesting compositions and backgrounds. This type of photography usually involves the work of a person who enjoys the design, and also elements of texture and color. The photographer gives directions to their subject, however they also get to engage with their subjects. This gives the wedding an impromptu impression. Wedding photography that is artistically illustrative is believed to reveal the photographer’s artistic and compositional abilities, not simply taking a photo of events.