The economy is positive and more and more singles and couples are happy with the choice and the purchases made. Certainly, one of the areas in the area of sexuality-related shopping that continues to be successful even after a while is clothing. After browsing everyday underwear for special occasions, we are looking for particularly sexy and fun clothes, like those offered by La maison d’Azalée. From traditional lace underwear sets to bodysuits and thongs, to stockings and garters for women. But also sexy and intimate clothes for men.
As we have said, the best-selling products in the main French sex shops, as in the case of the house of Azalée, concern items for male and female autoeroticism (also and especially bought by couples who want to experiment). Vibrators in recent years have experienced an exponential increase and transversely concern purchases made by all categories of sex and age. In general, the most popular categories online are vibrators, male and female intimate lubricants, dildos and also condoms.
But it is the great expansion of the sex toy market and its great success that have made the proposals for the pleasure of men and women more and more varied. In short, just take a look at to discover how the range of erotic toys offered is very wide and adapted to meet everyone’s needs. So a lot of water has passed under the bridges since there were only a few models of vibrators. Then nowadays the world of sex toys pays more and more attention to aesthetics, offering extremely varied colors, designs and models.