It’s a known fact that you are out of business if you don’t have any prospects. Lead generation marketing is the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Mastery in lead generation for network marketers comes down to one strategy – quality over quantity. Implement this simple principle to massively improve your lead generation marketing effectiveness.

The rewards of conquering lead generation marketing are not only financial, but will also improve your lifestyle, so let’s cover the 3 key steps giving consideration to quality and quantity.

Well Defined Target Market

There’s an abundance of people looking for business opportunities these days, ranging from stay at home moms looking to earn extra income, through to corporate executives tired of the stress and looking for lifestyle balance. Be careful not to fall into the trap of many network marketers by trying to capture everyone with one marketing message. The cliché “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind.

Rather follow successful network marketers who know exactly what target market they are after and work eagerly at improving their talent in lead generation marketing towards this target market. An approach to follow when defining your most suitable target market is to look at what do you find appealing in others, your personality, experience, leisure activities and your ease at communicating with certain types of individuals.

Attraction Marketing

Now that you have identified your target market, put your energy into attracting those specific people, rather than everyone. Attraction sponsoring is a “marriage” between you and a business opportunity seeker, based on factors of commonality you identified when selecting your target market.

By way of an example let’s say you are an ex successful senior executive who opted out of the corporate rut, so you could do more of what you love – spend time with family and travel. You may define your target market as those senior professionals who want out of the corporate rat race, successful working parents who have had a shift of priorities towards their family and people who live their life to travel. Prospects you can consider ignoring are full-time moms who want extra cash, students seeking additional income and pensioners who want to subsidize their pension funds. This is simply because you may find that you are not able to resonate well with them.

The key to attraction marketing is that you market to people who share commonalities with you, enabling authentic relationships and mutual respect. Not only does it reduce the time spent on prospecting but also increases the number of people likely to join your business. Since you are targeting better quality people, you will speak to fewer prospects but will achieve the same, or more, number of sign ups, with far less energy and time. That is the ultimate quality over quantity result!

Lead Generation Marketing System

Lastly, you need to actually generate the leads based on your target market. An effective way to achieve this is to implement a lead generation marketing system that personalizes your marketing message according to your target market. Don’t be one of the many network marketers that use a mass approach to marketing – the same marketing message to address different target markets. This strategy wastes money and results in ineffective prospecting. The purpose of the quality over quantity approach is to focus your marketing efforts on addressing the issues faced specifically by your target market. Furthermore, the website you send each of these prospects to also differs, to the point that you are addressing their different emotions. Mortgage Websites 1003 Lead Generation Marketing

Selecting a lead generation marketing system that simplifies this process allows you to spend more time on the activities that generate you income – talking to qualified leads. This single strategy will assist you massively in becoming an expert in lead generation marketing.

In summary the quality over quantity approach requires you to define your target market and aim your marketing message to them directly using the features of a top lead generation marketing system. After executing this approach you will attract qualified prospects, be more effective with prospecting, earn a higher income and have more time to live your life.