How many times have you looked at an artist and thought enviously to yourself that this is the kind of life that you wish to lead? I mean, the creative freedom that they experience, making loads of money just doing what they love and yes, the fame, all of it is enough to make you go green with envy. But as the famous idiom goes, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Behind this seemingly marvelous life of an artist lies a narrative of struggles that forms a major part of their everyday life. In extremity, you can even say that their creative freedom or fame is the end result of the prolonged struggles that they undergo daily. While learning art, engaging in content creation, finding the right artist platform, success is only something that happens along the way.
Art is not created in a matter of a day, it is a process that demands a lot from its creator. After days, months or even years of brainstorming you land with that perfect idea which you wish to execute and then begin the struggle of turning that abstract idea into a concrete piece of art. Imagine writing tens and hundreds of musical compositions or creative drafts every day and throwing it all into the trash because none of them met your own artistic standards. And imagine doing all this on a strict deadline. And no, this is not the end of the story, just the initial hurdles in a narrative of hundreds. Let’s call it the process of content creation. What after you create the content? No, it doesn’t magically in the blink of an eye become a piece of art praised by everybody. Especially in today’s world where competition in every field is at its peak, to stand out, you need a lot more than just creativity. So, basically, first you seek inspiration, then create, then reflect on what’s been created, decide if it is worthy of being presented to an audience and only then begin the process of making it visible to an audience that is bombarded with such creative content every second.
You might think social media or other online platforms like YouTube are a great outlet for artists today but just imagine how many musicians, dancers or painters you see every day and how many of them stay in your memory after that fraction of a second. What happens there is that your content, which is a result of your blood, sweat and tears, gets lost in a web of not curated content. The fate of your work which was created with a lot of hard work and dedication is decided in a matter of a second. And if the judgement is not in your favor, what do you do then? You don’t give up but go back, look for inspiration and begin anew a process that might end with a similar failure. So, if a masterpiece is not created in a day, a true artist is also not born in a day. Before you arrive at that point where you are recognized as an artist across the world, you might go through continuous rejections, you might have to go around looking for the right artist platform to represent yourself, and struggle every day to get hired. In case you are engaged with a professional agency, there is a never-ending list of things that you have to do before your job is done. While fulfilling client expectations, you engage in social media marketing to enhance the reach of your creative piece. Long gone are the days when you created content and let it naturally gain a reach among the audience, now you need to plan it all out in the right manner and as I said before, make your work visible or stand out. After content creation, you engage with creating a profile video shoot to enhance the visibility of your work and explore all other possible ways of marketing your creative content. It doesn’t seem so easy anymore, does it? But the relief is that nowadays you can seek help from artist platforms in all the dimensions related to first learning art and then art production. One such platform is Craqit which aims at being your companion in the journey of becoming a recognized artist. Whatever the hurdle that is holding you back as an artist, Craqit helps you sail through that difficulty in the most efficient way possible. May it be content creationevent creation and managementartist hiring or any other service Craqit’s experienced hands are definitely a big help. In a sense, Craqit is a way of saving your artwork from getting lost in a web of not curated content as it is a curated platform where each work gets individual attention and is given an opportunity for growth. With an engagement with Craqit, your hard work gets combined with smart work, enhancing your probability of achieving your goals.
So, becoming an artist is not about taking an easy route towards success, it’s about choosing to struggle every day with the hope of reaching your desired goal someday and also about finding the right way ahead. It’s about using your creative energy to its utmost and ending up either with nothing but disappointments or with opening your doorway to success. It’s actually a gamble in which you increase the probability of your winning by first giving your all in content creation and then engaging with all possible ways of marketing your content. That’s the uncertainty that comes with choosing to be an artist but you nevertheless choose to do so because you go where your heart lies, no matter how hard the path is. So, this is the not so easy life that an artist leads, the struggle is real but so is the satisfaction of doing what you love. Well, that’s why you get adapted to this not so easy life and keep on living your life as an artist, chasing your dreams.