It’s best to work a round of single crochet as your border first, even if the pattern doesn’t call for it. This is especially helpful if you are working a different color border from the body. In the corner space, work 3 sc or (sc, ch 1, sc).

This helps even out the edges and it really looks a lot neater. So, work that round of single crochet before moving on.

If the blanket edging is ruffling, you have too many stitches for the border. Go back, take it out (I know, I know!) and use less stitches.

If the blanket body (not the border) is pulling in or ruffling, you have too few stitches for the border. Again, take it out and then use more stitches.

Always check to see if your border has a stitch multiple. Some will need an even or odd number of stitches or a certain multiple to get the pattern right, so be sure to check that when you are working the border.

If you are still having trouble with an even border, you might have to go up or down a crochet hook size. Play around with it and see what gives you the most even result.

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