If you’re a building owner or manager, you should already be aware of your responsibility under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to have TM44 inspections carried out on all of your air-con systems. The reason that these inspections are deemed so important under the EPBD regulations is that they provide building owners and managers with up-to-date information on the energy performance of their systems. In turn, the findings of the inspection report allow you to make improvements in the event that your system is running inefficiently and using too much energy. By having a system that is operating efficiently, your energy bills will be reduced and so will your carbon footprint.

The EPBD set out legislative guidelines stating that air conditioning inspections should have been carried out on all air conditioning systems by the deadline of January 2011. Deadlines for inspection reports were staggered over two stages, depending on the output of the system being inspected. With the final 2011 deadline now having passed, any buildings that have not got a current TM44 report in place are contravening the law.

TM44 Inspection Reports – A Legal Responsibility

If you have not met your legal responsibility to have a TM44 air conditioning inspection carried, and therefore do not hold a current TM44 air conditioning report, you are at risk of facing a fine for non-compliance. In the past, it has been difficult for local authorities to monitor air conditioning reports and to see which properties have not complied with the air conditioning inspection guidelines – but a new government system will make it much easier to ensure compliance and to identify building owners who have failed to have the air conditioning inspections carried out and do not hold a current TM44 air conditioning report as required.

As of 1st July 2011, CLG will require the mandatory lodgement of air conditioning reports. This means that the inspection and subsequent TM44 report that has been carried out on your building’s air-con system will need to be lodged on Landmark – the CLG Government database. Landmark has been specifically designed to enable the government to immediately identify any buildings that have not had the necessary inspections and reports carried out by a qualified TM44 assessor. This is in direct response to the number of building owners and managers who have not complied with the EPBD legislation for the mandatory lodgement of TM44. If you fall into this category, this new system will mean that you will be found and fined.

Low Rates of TM44 Legislation Compliance

CIBSE has declared their support for the mandatory lodgement of TM44 inspection reports. With the current rates of compliance falling below 5% for TM44 inspections, it is clear that there is a need to take steps that will force building owners to meet their responsibilities. The introduction of the TM44 guidelines and legislation were expected to deliver good levels of carbon emission reductions, but with such a high level of non-compliance, these expectations will not be met. It is hoped that with the lodgement of TM44 reports being made mandatory, these reductions in emissions stand a better chance of being delivered.

It is clear that if you have not already complied with the EPBD regulations, you need to arrange for an inspection straight away so that you can lodge your TM44 reports as required before you get hit with a heavy fine.

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