Yes, you can add nudes to your boudoir photography session. It will explode your experience, making your adventure (possibly your gift) that much more exciting.

Mark Laurie of Calgary’s Inner Spirit Photography has some stories about the boldness of his clients.

One winter, after a fresh snowfall, Mark met his client with her BF on a lonely city park pathway. With his camera setup, she was posed in her stylish coat on the edge of a snowbank. Suddenly she removed her parka, nude beneath, handing it to her friend. She said to her, “Warn us if someone comes!”

Oh, The Stories Continue

Another woman booked her session for her 70th birthday. She was on a self-discovery quest and personal empowerment from personal abuse in her childhood. We added a golden body painted design. Even had an image where she was floating off the ground in a Lotus pose. She was bold and fearless in her poses. Her book of photos is incredible.

Mark has been photographing women since 1980, over 4 years ago. Back then, all boudoir was just starting in Calgary. So, women came in with hangers of lingerie. When they discovered he was comfortable creating nude images for them, word spread quickly. No clothes were necessary.

World Sought After Beyond Boudoir

His clients are from all over the world and have flown him all over the world. Over 16 countries and counting. He was photographing an Olympian in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England, way up on the rocky ledges. She was doing beautifully sculpted poses. Crowds walking past below never glanced up as they hurried to the scenic endpoint. She looked so elegant.

Boudoir photo shoots are well known to include props. Most studios give the women tiny frilly things. Clients of Inner Spirit Photography bring in the outrageous at times. Clare was a welder. She brought in a torch unit, personal welding gloves, and her flame-adorned welders mask. That was all Clare wore. She loved it.

Michele brought in huge truck tires, as tall she was, for her custom off-road truck. She also used them in workouts. She was fit. Her whole session was around the two tires. Delicate lingerie, boudoir style, would not look right here. Nude was her choice.

Their portfolio of stunning photographs reveal how incredibly talented Mark Laurie is.

Could Be Called Empowerment Nudes

Letting the lingerie slip off to go nude is part of their empowerment growth path for many women. The Inner Spirit Photography Empowerment Experience Session is perfect for this. It speaks to body love and acceptance, being comfortable in your own skin. Many women arrive having issues with their bodies. They are frustrated that they can’t see what their lovers see in their bodies. The photographs from their nude session show them how breathtaking they are.

All shapes, sizes and ages make the choice to let their clothes slip. For some, like Carol, it is a bucket list check-off dream. She called her figure a mom’s body, feeling all sensuality had left it. She was nervous but determined to skip the Boudoir lingerie and go right to nude. That was not easy.

She took a deep breath, then dropped the robe. (Actually, it took a few attempts before it fully dropped off) then she strode on the western tack room set. An old west bathtub, rumoured to have had Clint Eastwood’s bum in it, was what she sat into.

Seeking Your Adventure

 For the women who arrive seeking an adventure, adding body paint to the session adds next-level possibilities.

Calgary has world-class body painters. Mark has won so many awards and trophies with their collaborations. It is one of the ways he became the most awarded photographer in his niche. In the world. Painting whimsical abstracts to stylish clothes, even character transformations. With body painting, you don’t feel nude; it’s weird that way.

Cheryl was one of the lucky women; a while back, Mark Laurie was able to bring in baby lions, wolf cubs and the occasional baby tiger.  With their handler helping, the sessions were magical. This is why Inner Spirit is so sought after worldwide; they do unique and crazy things there.

For example, he has brought in fire masters. Part of the photography studio’s 4 elements offering. One day he photographed for 13 hours women who had flames dancing around them. It was safe, of course; the Firemaster, Trixton, knew his stuff. Flames would frame each nude woman in delicate shapes. In the photos, they looked so alive.

What Is Shibari?

Bondage can be kinda blah, but Shibari takes it to an art form. Colourful ropes, intricate designs. Their artist, Steve, is an artisan with ropes, a talented Zen kinda guy. Allison opted for it in her Adventure Experience Session. With stunning speed, the cords nearly magically enveloped her body, some photography of her in the design, rope release, then a new creation.

Mark creates this space that feels so safe, accepting, and freeing that women become comfortable expressing themselves without inhibition. No judgement, confident they will look amazing.  It is easy to understand why Life Coaches refer him.

As women turn to more exciting ways to define themselves and experiment, they find a boldness beyond stereotypical boudoir lingerie. They are looking for some sizzle in their choice of expressions.

Celebrities Love Their Nude Photos

A nude photo session, a figure study, perhaps even singed with erotic, has become the perfect thing. Celebrities have made it fashionable, almost commonplace. They are reflecting what the average woman is doing and wanting.

While it may not be for everyone, those who dip their toes in this exotic pool of birthday suit posing want it. Are finding a studio-like Inner Spirit Photographer is the place to slip out of their lingerie.

Yup, the nude is empowering, exciting and a personal thrill. It is so cool that there is a studio where any woman, any age, any shape, can find the beauty in her body.