There are UK immigration Law visas for spouse, unmarried partner and Fiancé requirements for anyone who wish to join a partner living in the UK. You will only be admitted to the UK if you apply for the appropriate visa to enter UK. After all the necessary arrangement is accomplished, you will also need an entry clearance.

The UK immigration law also requires a visa for a spouse if he or she wishes to live and settle legally in the UK prior to the application.

-The person applying for a visa for spouse must be married to a person living legally in the UK
-The person who lived and settled in the UK has the right of abode, or has indefinite leave to remain, and has been married at least four years outside the UK
-Both parties intend to live indefinitely in the UK
-Both parties must have a suitable house which they entirely own where they can live with their dependants.
-Prior entry clearance must be obtained before coming to the UK.
-The applicant will be granted a 2 year stay in which time he or she must find employment before the applicant can be granted and ILR or indefinite leave to remain.

The visa for unmarried partner must also be obtained according to the UK immigration Law. This is another case in which an unmarried partner wishes to join a person who lives and settle in the UK. Here are the rules:

-Both parties lived together in a relationship which the only lacking is marriage for four or more years.
-The person who live and settle in the UK must have the right of abode.
-Any similar relationship that has broken down
-Both parties must not have any relationship with a close kin or any incestuous marriage
-Both parties must show evidence of financial capacity without resorting to the public funds
-Both parties must live together indefinitely in the UK and must have an adequate accommodation or house they own or occupy
-The unmarried partner must obtain an entry clearance before coming to the UK

If you are a fiancé wish to join your betrothed, the UK immigration law requires you to apply for a fiancé visa and here are your requirements:

-The fiancé must apply for a visa in order to marry a person who has settled and lived in the UK and have made arrangements to marry.
-Provided both party agrees to stay in the UK indefinitely together after marriage
-The applicant will show sufficient financial capacity and the public funds will not be of their disposal until they are married.
-Both should have an accommodation with any dependents without access to the public funds.
-Both parties must be financially independent without using up the public funds
-The applicant must have an entry clearance before coming to the UK.
-The visa is valid for only six months and should be enough time to marry and during that time before the marriage date, a fiancé cannot find employment in the United Kingdom until she changes her status to spouse.

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