What firewood is the best?
Good firewood not only smells good when burned but also has a high calorific value. It is worth remembering, especially since the fireplace is often the only source of heat in the house or is an essential element supporting underfloor or gas heating. Coniferous or deciduous? Although each of us is pleasantly associated with the smell of conifers, we do not recommend burning this type of wood in the fireplace. 

When buying firewood

Coniferous wood is rich in resin, which burns permanently and stains the surroundings when burned. In addition, it also creates a lot of smoke and soot that settles in the chimney. Hardwood kiln dried logs Dublin is excellent firewood – not only does it burn evenly, but thanks to the lower resin content, it does not create a lot of smoke. Significantly, this type of wood does not stain the fireplace glass so much during combustion, leaving it clean longer. When buying firewood, choose hardwood, which gives off more heat when burning. The varieties of hardwood include beech, oak and hornbeam. Linden or poplar wood is softer, less caloric, lighter, and therefore less economical. For example, 1 m³ of seasoned poplar wood weighs slightly more than half a cubic meter of rake (0.54 m³ of rake). Therefore, obtaining the same temperature during combustion, it requires almost twice as much. More calorific wood takes up less space and does not require constant adding to the fireplace, saving our time.

Firewood species and their advantages:

Poplar is a wood with a low calorific value. After drying, it burns down very quickly, making it ideal as a kindling. The damp wood of this species does not burn at all. Alder is perfect for smoking. It gives the dishes a characteristic smell and adds colour. For good combustion, the wood must be well dried. Ash is a very difficult wood to work with and cut into logs.Therefore it is rarely used as fuel. Hornbeam is the most valued firewood because it burns slowly. It does not give an effective flame but gives off a lot of heat. The oak burns slowly and smells good. Lovers of smoking meat and fish appreciate wood of this species. During smoking, it gives off a lot of heat.The beech burns slowly and long, giving off a lot of heat at the same time. The birch is burning nicely and evenly. It burns fairly quickly and therefore has an average calorific value. Fruit trees are valued for their slow and even combustion and a pleasant aroma. Apple, cherry or pear wood is recommended for smoking.Seasoned wood … and what does it mean? Depending on the species, wood has a water content of 50 to 70% immediately after cutting. If the wood is seasoned, i.e. stored in a roofed but airy place, its humidity drops to about 15%. The best wood for a fireplace should be seasoned for one to two years. Damp wood will not burn, it will smoke, and even a good variety will not give off as much heat as seasoned wood.