There is a mink frenzy, and if you are up to date with the latest hair trends, then you understand why. We know you probably hear a lot about mink coats, but what about mink hair? Well, first and foremost, you should know that we are not causing harm to animals in the process of making this type of hair. Mink Hair human hair is a way to describe HIGH QUALITY VIRGIN HAIR, which has silky smoothness, long-lasting durability, and a realistic finish that will make everyone think they are your real curls. Well wait, let’s slow down first. If you hear this term a lot when you buy extensions, did you ever think that it is just a marketing strategy? We understand that sometimes hair manufacturers say whatever they want to sell their precious bundles, but this trend is not a myth.There are so many great and rave reviews when it comes to mink hair. If you want to know what all the hype is about, we’d love to let you know. So if you’ve been undecided about buying these cuties or haven’t even heard of them, check out this blog post on what mink hair is and why everyone is falling in love with these weaves.

Where does the term mink come from?

So there is something like real water waveor mink fur that comes from an animal that we call mink. This animal has very short, dark brown and silky hair. You can find this same point in common in the extensions we are talking about. Since the beginning of time, hunters have skinned these animals to create high-quality clothing. But as we mentioned before, the animal and the hair tissues are two different things. Hair companies take a semblance of smooth and thick texture and apply it to the grade or standard of that particular hair weave.

What exactly is mink hair?

To describe mink here, we must first be clear about what VIRGIN HAIR is. Therefore, any human hair comes from a living donor who has never received any chemical treatments, dyes, or other harmful hair products. These donors then deliver your hair to vendors or a manufacturer who will clean, process, and make sure the weave is perfect and in salable condition. When there is no chemical treatment on the hair, it is considered a virgin quality and that is where the term originates. Now when it comes to Silky straight, this type is only accepted from a specific group of donors who are known to consistently produce grade A quality hair. In general, the most natural characteristics that you will see in mink hair are; Bunches are full / thick, not easily tangled, cuticles face the same direction, hair is easy / effortless to dye, double stitch wefts, and a natural shiny texture. So in short, mink fabrics are amazing in quality and customer satisfaction.

-Durable durability

The number one reason customers are raving about afro kinky Brazilianis because of its fantastic durability.The price people pay is well worth the quality. Normally, human hair extensions will last 10-18 months. The longevity of mink hair can last up to two years, can you imagine not having to pay for your hair for two full years? What is so amazing is that within those two years the mink hair will maintain its bright color, while readily accepting new colors. Think of these extensions as your real hair, and you can do whatever you want within reason. Given that longevity and quality are the best in class, it’s no wonder why people fall in love with mink hair weave so quickly.

What are your thoughts on mink hair?

In general, we can conclude that mink hair is a way of describing the weave or extensions that are at the top of its quality. Some things to keep in mind is that just because people say they have mink hair doesn’t mean you should believe them. Always be sure to check the reviews and research the comments on the vendor pages. Also, follow your best judgment if you keep your primary focus on finding the best quality hair weave, we know you will make the right choice when it comes to purchasing your 360 frontal closure.

Mink Hair Marketing

Some of the problems that many consumers run into is that they buy mink hair, but it does not have the qualities that we mentioned throughout this blog post. The interesting fact about mink hair is that you can market it with many different hair types. So basically what I’m saying is that mink hair is also considered a marketing word. Many HAIRDRESSERS will call Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair “mink” as a sales strategy. If we’re honest, mink has no real technical grading, and it can be made into any hair type that sellers want. But there is no need to fear, as we mentioned, if you are buying mink hair weave, you will notice critical features that sellers suggest that will make it visible that you are buying premium hair. Taking the time to understand and research specific weaving terms will be beneficial, so you can spend less money but still get quality mink hair loose wave.

Top Reasons Customers Love Mink Hair Weaving


The quality of the mink hair is unmatched, which probably justifies the high price. As we will continue to say, mink hair is one of the highest quality virgin 10A grade. You can be sure that with every purchase your hair extensions will be extremely thick, silky smooth and very full compared to other fabrics. Since the hair is provided by donors, who have not added any chemicals, this type of hair is more versatile and more accessible to style. What makes the braids so soft is the fact that the cuticles face the same direction.