What to choose: English language courses or a tutor?

Among a large number of people, English courses are popular, for others, an English tutor is the best option. How to determine which of the approaches to learning will be optimal for you personally and on what to stop your own choice. Quite a lot can be found positive feedback from people who have found a professional tutor or language courses, English succumbed to them relatively easily. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to meet students who are disappointed – their studies have not brought them positive results.

Whichever way you personally choose to study English in Kharkov, personal motivation and efforts play an important role. A dedicated effort is required for a professional English school or an experienced English tutor to help a student achieve their goal and become fluent in English speech and be able to express their own thoughts in it. Practice shows that students of an English school or people with whom an English tutor is engaged achieve good results in the following cases:

• Have strong motivation – they understand why they need a foreign language and make an effort to learn it.

• Allocate enough time – both tutoring and self-study are important.

• Use reliable learning approaches – English courses and English tutors today use different learning approaches, it is important to use only time and practice methods.

For the correct choice of the option for learning English, you need to know about the specifics of classes in language courses, as well as – what is the difference between the lessons that an English tutor conducts. We will talk about this in detail a little later. In addition, it is worth assessing your strengths and weaknesses in learning a foreign language. All people are different, so it is worth determining what is easier for you, and what is more difficult:

1. Listening.

2. Reading.

3. Letter.

4. Pronunciation.

5. Memorizing new words.

English schools in Kharkov: the peculiarity of learning in them

The positive experience of many students confirms that this learning option allows you to achieve excellent results. For example, the English school in Kharkov “My English World” has established itself just fine, because thanks to it, hundreds of people have already been able to master English from scratch or significantly improve their knowledge.

Most language courses and schools have their own characteristics, differences , advantages. Thanks to them, a person can determine the educational institution that will be suitable for him. However, all language courses have a lot in common:

• Lesson duration: 60-90 minutes.

• Group size: 4-10 people.

• Intensity of classes: 2-3 in week.

• All classes are taught by one teacher or they may change.

Tutors of English: how they differ

Today, quite often they offer their services professional tutors, they will help you learn English as quickly as possible and the curriculum, as well as the schedule of classes, will be tailored to the needs of the student as much as possible.Tutors of English strive to make each lesson as individual as possible and tailored to the needs of the student – this teaching format has the following advantages:

1. Suitable for busy people, the schedule of classes is drawn up individually.

2. Shy and humble students will not feel compared to others.

3. There is an opportunity to spend more time on complex topics.

4. You can choose the appropriate program: English for IT, managers, colloquial slang, etc.

If you have a professional tutor, English will be easier than it might seem. English schools and lessons with a tutor have their own advantages – the choice is yours, what to give preference to.