White Hat SEO

Hopefully your insurance agency is now conversant in terms like insurance agency SEO, insurance agency program optimization or insurance agency program marketing, the method during which agents plan to lift their websites to a top position on page one among Google or Bing’s program results pages (SERP). There are two basic approaches to accomplish improved program rankings, which may ironically (or iconically) be found in old Westerns. I’m pertaining to the old white hat versus black hat cowboy days featuring white hat actors like Wayne and Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) against black hat actors like Jack Palance. For a more contemporary version, Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader involves mind, minus the hat for Luke. Fast forward to today and we’re now pertaining to white hat versus black hat SEO tactics. Hopefully your agency isn’t engaging in black hat tactics accidentally or otherwise. like the films of yesteryear, the black hat represents the villain, and therefore the villain is typically vilified. Black hat SEO tactics can get your agency in trouble with the search engines, and there’s no got to resort to those methods to realize compelling SEO results for your agency.

Long Tail Keywords and White Hat Keyword Density

Insurance Agency program Optimization begins by creating an inventory of preferred insurance keyword phrases, often mentioned as trophy words. samples of this might include: California insurance , Massachusetts Business Insurance, ny Truck Insurance or Group insurance . These phrases are called long tail keywords and wish to seem on insurance agency websites during a sort of ways. Once your agency has determined the simplest keyword phrases (after reviewing them in Google AdWords or other keyword analytics tool), your agency should populate your website using your preferred keywords. This must be accomplished together with your metadata (description, meta keywords, page title, etc.) and on the particular content which appears on your website . Your agency should also measure “on page” keyword density. Each page should be optimized for one to 3 phrases. Experts and empirical data varies on this, but many consider 5% to six to be optimum density for the main search engines. Working within the boundaries of “reasonable” keyword density, meta best practices, quality inbound links to your insurance agency website and a strong social media marketing initiative will yield positive results for your insurance agency SEO web marketing plans.

White Hat Link Building

These days, Google and Bing are trending toward quality over quantity, your insurance agency should specialise in building quality links with reputable sites. These can include insurance carriers and partners with whom you’re employed , resource sites about insurance or business topics associated with your target market, reputable ePublishing sites and external blogs. Buyer beware if you’re contacted by a corporation that boasts they will provide “10,000 inbound links” to your website, you want to carefully assess the sort and quality of those links (and the corporate which is contacting you) to make sure there are not any improper link building tactics being employed.

Follow program Guidelines

Content shouldn’t be hidden or disguised in any way, and meta tags should be representative of your agency and therefore the content provided thereon page. Custom landing pages are appropriate and helpful, falling completely within white hat SEO tactics, as long because it is correctly optimized for your specific solution. for instance , you’ll create a landing page for Professional insurance , featuring relevant content and appropriate keyword density exclusively for your PLI products and services.


Most agencies should leverage the old “crawl, walk, run” approach when it involves program optimization, working first on relevant content with optimized meta, meta tags and keyword density, then supplementing these efforts with blogging, ePublishing, YouTube Videos and other Social Media Marketing campaigns.. And remember, regardless of how pretty that big photo or image happens to get on your insurance agency website, these do nothing to assist your SEO efforts. confirm your website is balanced between graphical appeal and sufficient, relevant and “White Hat SEO” optimized content.

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