Companies always find ways to keep the employees and staff motivated in a way or the other and awarding a trophy or memento is one of them. Readily available trophies are so out of trend these days. Most companies nowadays opt for trophy manufacturers for Custom Made Trophies and here’s why they do so:

  • Diverse trophy design options compared to readily available trophies. For an instance, for a sales event, you might not find the perfect trophy. A custom made trophy is designed and manufactured as per your event and theme.
  • Branding – You can use your company’s logo as the base of your custom trophy design and add some elements to the design related to the event and get the desired never seen before trophy and at the same time promote your brand in the easiest way.
  • You have the freedom of choosing the material of the trophy you wish to make for your event. Some companies are eco-friendly and they wish to get trophies made from biodegradable materials such as paper, wood, clay and so on.
  • Budget-friendly – be it a big company or small, every company likes to save money in any way possible. Custom made trophies can be made in your budget.
  • Wow, factor – It has been observed that a custom made trophy has more wow factor than a readymade trophy. Award recipients are more attached and attracted towards the custom made trophy.

A Custom Made Trophy has more advantages over readymade off-shelf trophies. Have a look at the following custom made trophy and decide for yourself.