The topic of search engine optimization has become among of the most talked about and debated topics on the internet at present. Additionally, it is one of the subjects that is most misunderstood.SEO Company In its simplest form the term SEO, or search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of changing the content of a web page to make it appear better in the crawler-based, organic indexes of search engines. Even this short down-to-earth definition of SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) can result in heated debates over the purpose and meaning of SEO. The question is what makes SEO so hot and controversial subject that is causing so much debate in the SEO community and with the general population of the internet, particularly webmasters? According to my personal experience, there are six main reasons Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the acclaim it has today. 1. targeted website traffic When you inquire with the majority of owners of websites and others in the SEO business what is the most crucial element for a successful company or operation. The majority of respondents will mention traffic to their websites and more specifically targeted traffic on websites. Today, on the internet the best source of targeted traffic to websites continuously is search engines. Statistics for a year indicate that about 75%-80 percent of the purchases made by users online began through the search engine. The majority of users who visit websites typically do so via an engine. These numbers are so overwhelming that they are not a matter of debate even for those who are the biggest critics of SEO. Additionally, since SEO is specifically focused on optimizing websites for the highest ranking possible with respect to the search engines, it’s normal for people to become interested in study and application of SEO. (SEO). 2. SEO Controversy – Search Engine optimization (SEO) is among the most controversies in the field of the operation of websites on the internet. SEO’s advocates SEO claim that it is a feasible method to get websites visible to search engines. This is essential for any site that wants to get traffic on the web in the present. But, those who are dissatisfied with SEO may also claim that a lot of websites have the highest search engine rankings without using SEO work, and that SEO experts provide only estimates of high-cost services with no guarantee that search engine optimization will be successful. This particular situation, which is a source of some merits to the arguments both sides have and causes heated debates between SEO supporters SEO as well as SEO opposing parties on regular basis that is debated every day on blogs, forums and websites, as well as newsletters on the web, as well as being featured in newspapers and television. Simply put, controversy draws attention . Whether you like it or not, SEO really does provide plenty of debate. Furthermore in the long run, as long that search engines play an important role in creating targeted traffic to websites, SEO will continue to be a topic of discussion. 3. Money SEO is a multimillion-dollar business. Search engines generate billions dollars annually through advertisements. Websites make millions of dollars to their owner every year by using search engines through paid ads as well as natural (free) listings within results from searches. It’s not surprising with billions of dollars sitting on the table on a daily basis that anything that could give a person or a company an advantage in today’s ultra-fast-paced internet age is a hot subject to discuss and debate. Furthermore, by combining of reality and perception that emphasizes search engine optimization as an important factor in increasing online sales, SEO is a popular subject for decision-makers in numerous companies, which draws more interest to SEO within the world of business and beyond. 4. There is no standard SEO Guidelines or Rules The process of optimizing search engines (SEO) is described as a modern interpretation of the wild west. In essence, anything can be stated or performed because there aren’t standard for the industry in general. In a real sense, there is no one necessarily right or wrong in any ideas, suggestions, or decisions regarding SEO strategies and/or techniques. The distinction between right and wrong is determined by the standards of ethics regarded by the individual, and each person is a different person with their own unique ethical code of conduct. What one person may consider unmoral, another person might view as an honest and well-intentioned aid. This is the reason you can find the terms black and white SEO. SEO in the SEO business. 5. Search Engines SEO was born as a byproduct of the growth use, popularity and utilization of the search engine. If search engines are not there, there would be the absence of an SEO market in current format and form. According to statistics on a regular basis show, the majority of targeted web traffic to the internet is produced directly or indirectly through search engines. A large percentage of sales on the internet are directly tied to customers who are searching for services or products. Due to the significant role SEO engines have on the web as well as the reality that the effectiveness of search engines is dependent on their ability to deliver exact and reliable search results to their users Successful search engines tend to establish an informal connection and a relationship with SEO industry. In the event that a some amount of SEO work is done on websites, it tends to aid search engines in providing what their visitors are looking for, which is top-quality results from searches. This is why, at times search engines may provide SEO information and suggestions directly to their visitors via the search engines. This can help the SEO industry immensely by putting SEO at the top of the people who are looking for organic (free) results of searches. These are search engine users seeking something specific, and the owners of websites who wish to appear in results of search engines. 6. SEO Mystery – Very few SEO experts will describe the process they follow for SEO work in full. Some will give a few SEO details, but it is mostly used as marketing for SEO experts in forums or newsletters, as well as blogs. Books and e-books that are available only provide information about SEO’s general aspects. SEO or search engines optimization (SEO) is an absolute unknown to the average web owner, or even those who are who are interested in organic search ranking of engines.