If you have solar panels installed on your home in San Diego, CA, and decide to sell your home. The new buyers can take advantage of the transferable product warranty for the rest of the remaining years. Solar will help the new buyer to save money if they have similar energy patterns. In San Diego, that’s about a total savings of $25,000 electricity cost in the remaining years. As long as the solar energy system is running smoothly and energy prices continue to rise. 

Quality solar panels, like Panasonic, LG, Q Cells, Solaria, REC. Offer a 25-year warranty. 

An experienced real estate agent will inform potential buyers how quality solar panels will add financial benefits just as an HVAC, swimming pool, high-end kitchen appliances would. Having quality solar panels installed is a financial investment in the long run.

Installing Quality Solar Panels For a Great Long Term Performance

Quality solar panels will give you reliable services for many years.

Although mounting devices and cables are less influential to the performance of a solar system, choosing lower quality inverters or components will lead to constantly failed systems. In some cases, low-quality cables and plugs have contributed to system failures that include house fires. 

Why Install Quality Solar Panels?

  1. Strong Brand – The largest consumer of name brands is in the United States of America

  2. Wind Resistance – Quality solar panels will be high in wind resistance.

  3. High Performing Panel – Quality solar panels will have lower degradation after one year for the next 25 years than lower-quality panels. Lower degradation of a solar panel system means less production. The less production, the more energy your home will get. 

  4. Award-Winning Technology – Quality solar panels come with some cutting-edge technology. For example, some solar panels have won International Awards and top brands awards. 

  5. Increase Solar Savings – More electricity that panels produce means more savings.

  6. Top Solar Product Warranty Available – Quality solar panels from a top-name brand manufacturer will offer a 25-year warranty that includes labor and parts. 

  7. Robust Standards – Quality solar panels have strong protection against salt mist and corrosion.

  8. Fewer Warranty Claims – Quality solar panels will have fewer warranty claims. 

  9. Visual Appearance – Many solar panels are designed with appearance in mind. Examples are black cells and black frames. Making solar panels are becoming aesthetically pleasing. 

  10. Warranty Supported by Strong Financial – Strong panels means 25 years of product replacement warranty, peace of mind. 


If you live in Southern California and are looking to install quality solar panels, hire a quality solar company in San Diego, CA. A good company means that your solar installation will be done correctly and safely.