Any company that understands the importance of their web presence as a neighborhood of their ongoing strategy to extend sales and lift brand awareness are going to be very aware that achieving a high ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages) is that the initiative to increasing traffic, and thus sales or brand awareness. As a result, many an company chooses to use an external company for SEO.

Many SEO companies will make big promises about getting your website to favorite position within the Google rankings. It sounds good, but that can’t be guaranteed without paying for it during a potentially costly Pay per Click campaign. that’s to not detract from the importance of an honest SEO campaign; there is no reason in the least why SEO wouldn’t cause fantastic results and represent an excellent return on investment. albeit it cannot be guaranteed, you’ll well find your site sitting pretty at favorite on a Google SERP.

However, heed this word of warning: a corporation specialising in SEO alone might not be enough. Many companies hire an easy SEO agency supported their grand promises and guarantees. the straightforward fact is though, if the web site itself is not any good, then all the link building within the world still won’t get you to favorite in Google.

What companies actually need to try to to before embarking on an extended SEO campaign is to possess their site checked over for opportunities for on-site optimisation. Designers and developers should work to make sure that the location is usable (people won’t stay it very long if it’s not) which it contains videos, images and relevant, unique content which can please search engines like Google which return cross media searches. they ought to also confirm that the metadata is present, correct and optimised. A copywriter should be consulted to make sure that the site’s content is keyword optimised whilst still being written with people and not Google’s robot in mind (again, if it doesn’t read well or is suffering from nonsensical keywords, users won’t stay too long).

Only when a corporation is certain that their website is quality, useable and optimised, whilst still being written with the human reader in mind, will an SEO campaign produce results. Companies often fear that hiring the varied staff for the various stages mentioned here are going to be costly. However a full service digital agency offers all of those services: design and development, copywriting and SEO which is why an SEO company alone just isn’t enough.

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