Public education is among the most significant institutions in our country, an institution within that the people have played an important part. It is the people who selects the school board members. It also contributes taxes to public schools, and votes on school bond referendums, as well as visit and participates in schools. The public schools also transmit important information and values that allow young people to participate in our democratic system and become responsible citizens. Education is essential for everyone in society due to its effect on the local community, the economy, the job market as well as safety and health.Massage School The degree of education of the populace increases the productivity across the country, leading to higher pay. The more educated an individual is has, the more likely that person will be in very good or excellent health. The more educated a person is greater the likelihood that person is registered to vote and actually vote. There is a significant connection between the drop-out rate and crime rates among young males Many candidates speak out about the importance of public schools. However, voters can take a step to ensure that the elected officials are aware of the many important educational issues and they are true to their pledge to education. This guide for voters is designed to assist voters in focusing on the most important issues in education and to ask candidates for political office and elected officials informed questions. Strong Public Education Candidates: Learn about school reforms and strategies to improve public schools. Learn about the education policy, the state, federal, as well as local law that regulate public education, and the duties of the office you want to hold. – Make education a top priority on their political platform • Get opinions and perspectives from the public through polls or town meetings, conversations, and face-toface discussions Have prior experience with public education policy • Send a clear and concise message regarding the priorities of public education Create a realistic and sustainable funding plan to help public education and provide adequate resources for every school • Communicate who is accountable for the school’s and student performance Questions to Candidates A good public education should include the guarantee of the most basic physical requirements: food, shelter as well as physical safety and sleep. Education that is of high quality begins from an early age and is a key factor in the growth of cognitive and social abilities. Candidates who support education will be able to articulate a opinion on a broad range of health and other child concerns. What suggestions, if there are any, do you make for public programs to help children in need? What’s your view on the importance and value of education? What do you consider to be your top priorities for the improvement of the quality of public education? What students can achieve is determined in part by the students themselves. Schools play an essential rolein this, and elected officials at all levels are able to influence how schools are run, and who is accountable for the student’s performance. Candidates who are educated and knowledgeable are aware of the important role their office have in public education and ought to be able explain what they intend to do to improve the quality of schools. Who do you believe should be accountable to ensure that schools run efficiently and that children are able to succeed? If you were elected which responsibility and power do you think you would have over public education? What do you think is the most effective method to assess school and student performance? How do you assess the quality of your teacher? A majority of the candidates for office favor improvements in the quality of public education, however their ideas on how to finance public education are wildly different. A good candidate for education should have come up with a feasible strategy for funding schools. What are your thoughts about the amount that is being put into public education, and if this is enough? If you were to make any changes, what that, if any, would you like to make to the existing structure of funding for education? What’s your take on the pending legal cases that may have an impact on the education funding for the public? What programs and sectors do you think are the most important and merit the most defense against budget reductions? How do you finance the program and the policy changes you’re proposing? Do you have tax ideas you can offer to the public schools? Do you agree with the idea of the creation of funds for public education by taxing tobacco, liquor lotteries, casino gambling and slot machines, or by any other “sin” revenue or taxes? What are your thoughts on education in bilingualism? Do you believe that the amount that is allocated to students who are classified by “special need” is sufficient? What modifications would you recommend in order to assist the students? What are your thoughts on the choice of school? What is your position regarding the quality of facilities at schools? Information About this Guide This guide offers a set of questions that focus on the pressing issues and challenges in the field of education in the present. Public education is an important concern within American politics. The information contained in this guide will provide voters with information on crucial issues related to education and assist voters in determining the position of a candidate regarding public education. There are a variety of possible solutions to the issues raised within this document. The answer to each question is not “correct”. These questions can help determine the decisions about education that candidates need to make when elected. They also encourage voters to cast their ballots according to the candidate they believe has the most effective public education program. For the 2020 presidential vote, citizens will choose the president, vice president as well as 435 members of US House of Representatives, and 35 US senators. In the state elections, voters are expected to choose governors, state houses and senate members, as well as many mayors, regents city council members and boards of supervisors. county officials, as well as school board trustees. Who Should Make Use of this Guide? Everyone! An education that is free and public is among America’s important assets. Everyone is a part of the quality of public schools. Schools that are well-run can lead to stronger economies, more jobs, less crime and numerous other benefits for society. Education is a crucial obligation for elected officials of every level, making it an area that should be considered during every election. From the president of the United States to local school board members, making decisions regarding education is an essential element of the job. We hope this guide can help you make educated choices regarding which candidates you should support.