If you’re reading this article, you may believe you’re an adult. You could be an adult, but chances are that you’re not. We have adult bodies however, that doesn’t mean it makes us adults. In addition, there is the fact that it’s very difficult to be an adult. The reason it’s so difficult is because there aren’t many examples of role models. For instance, take a check out the listing of the world’s leaders and then show me one person who’s an actual adult. Perhaps some of the less well-known leaders could meet the criteria. If you are actually an adult, you’ve done something extraordinary. You’ve somehow grew into a world ruled by children. What exactly is an adult?teenspornhd

A mature person is one who is 100% responsible for their life and circumstances. It’s not an individual’s fault. The phrases “It’s unfair.” You don’t think about it. A mature adult is responsible for the emotions of their lives. This means that nobody else causes you to feel the way you feel. A mature person is honest with one’s self. That means there is no self-deception, and no pretense. You observe people and situations as they are and then find ways to deal with them.

Recently, I realized that I hadn’t yet fully embraced adulthood. I had reached a high amount of emotional intelligence. I was aware of my feelings and managed my emotions very effectively. The only thing I was not able to control was my insensitivity to the emotions of others. I believed that I was sensitive and was proud of the ability I had to “see” other people. I viewed myself as mature. In the end. As a professional, I frequently gave advice to people regarding what should be done and ways to accomplish it. I frequently facilitated processes for different groups. I also wrote and published three books. I also gave talks on leadership, personal responsibility as well as spirituality. But I realized that I wasn’t an adult of 58 years old. I was more of an 15 year old with 43 years of experiences.

A majority of 15-year-olds find themselves at the heart of the world. “Everything happens about me.” While I was selfless and frequently cared for other people, I saw myself that I was the center of attention. Being the center of attention I expected individuals and situations to cater to me. I often felt frustrated by others. If someone said something personal, I attributed it to me, rather than fully understanding them. As children , we’re always the center of our own attention. We are conditioned to expect our “adults” within our lives to take care of us, to provide us with the things we require. I didn’t think that people would provide me with food or money however, I did expect people to cater to my psychological needs.

My parents were not adults. In fact, I am from the word from my “grown-up” child that I’m not an adult, either. He’s 35 and is entering the adulthood stage. He has never had any role models that are good for him–not even his parents, nor any of his teachers from the high school or at university and no supervisors at work and, in his particular profession which is Art and Design, there are no artists have met. He was forced to find out by himself. I was too. However, my son definitely has been an inspiration for me.

Perhaps the most important realization that I’ve had has been to realize that the ego I have is child. Every ego is a child. People who are controlled by their ego can’t be an adult. The ego is a focal point of focus. A mature person is an influencer. As an influential person, you are aware that your emotions and thoughts influence others. Everything you think or feel, experience, and do impacts the people and situations surrounding you. This shifts your perception from “How do everyone and everything impacting me? to”How are everything and everyone in my life affected?” It’s a realization that life doesn’t happen to me. I have created it in my mind with every thought as well as my deeply held beliefs and assumptions. The meaning we assign to things and people is the meaning we’ve given them.

An adult is a person who questions assumptions. his or hers and others’ assumptions, too. Also, as an adult you are able to think, not just recite the opinions of other people. It can be challenging to adhere to a religious belief system if you’re an adult. If you do choose to join to a religion, chances are you don’t adhere to it all. Everything that is reflected in your thoughts and your daily life is scrutinized: “Is it true?” If you’re honest with yourself you will find that the majority things aren’t. It is evident that the majority of what is believed to be factual is fabricated.

As you grow older, it can be initially a struggle. You’re breaking up with your beloved convictions. You’re letting go of the need to be liked and control over others and the habit of believing in “truths” which don’t hold water. Examples: “You can have whatever you would like!” Many have proclaimed about that “truth” however it’s not the truth. You cannot have what you desire. This is the reason why a lot of us feel frustrated after trying a myriad of programs and books without any success. According to In A Course in Miracles reads: “The rule of the ego is seek, but do not discover.”

You can get what you truly desire. What are you really looking for? What’s most significant to you? Don’t answer the question too fast. Refrain from expressing your opinions and set your objectives. Sit down in a quiet place, and ask yourself the question. What am I looking for? Be attentive to your inner voice. Continue to ask questions as needed. Since we are primarily identified ourselves with our own egos a great approach to get an answer is: “Not my will, but Thy will prevail.” When your responses appear to be flowing, you should act upon your answers. This is another characteristic of an adult: the ability to take a leap of faith to take action when you believe is right for you.

Are yourself an adult? Be honest. If you’re lying an honest person, you know it. This article won’t trigger any emotion in you. If you’re not, maybe it’s the time to start getting older. The effort is worth it. It’s a reward for freedom, and also the freedom of 100% responsibility. It’s the happiness feeling knowing that you are not the victim of anyone else. You realize that you should not take part in any dramas or soap-operas in your life. When you let go of your anxieties, fears regrets and disappointments, you realize you discover that there is a greater voice within you that will help you. Instead of wishing that the universe will grant you certain things that happen for your benefit (as youngsters do) instead, you believe your Spirit (or what you wish to refer to it as) will be your guide. You’ll formulate goals, and these intentions will spring up inside your being. You’ll sense that the way you’re pursuing is the best one. You’ll be able to acknowledge, but not be judged that other children aren’t yet adults Do your best to help others, and provide the role model we need so badly.