• When you move into in a new home it is possible to choose artworks for your wall. Artistic paintings can create a stunning impact for your home. The challenge is to choose the right ones. Here are some suggestions to help you select the best ones.
    Painting art

    In general rooms for drawing are suited to landscape or pastoral paintings that are rich in visuals and vivid colors. dining rooms can be a perfect place to display food images that are tranquil and artistic bedrooms can be a good fit with smaller-sized colorful paintings, study spaces with paintings that you’re attracted by.

    Frames for painting

    Chinese painting should be put in frames with fluid lines and dark colors so that they are unified in style. Without frames oil paintings cannot be considered fully-fledged art works. Glass covers aren’t needed, as oils paintings are water-proof and dust are easily cleaned with cloth.

    Painting lighting

    Paintings will have with the greatest artistic impact only when light shines from the top, therefore it is recommended to put pictures on walls so that they can be well lit. The natural light and the artwork could be in harmony and this makes the work extraordinary.


    It is recommended to place pictures off the ground by 1.5 up to two meters. For larger pictures they can be hung on the wall; for smaller ones, you should hang them from high spots that are 30 angles from walls to get the the best visual impact. It’s possible to hang two or three photographs on large walls.

    Be sure that their aesthetic styles and themes are compatible. If they have a strong connection to one another this could be beneficial. They could be all about characters, animals or even landscapes however, they should not be mixed. Frames for paintings should be created from the same materials, with the identical colors, and this collection of artworks could be in total harmony.

    Overall  painting can be a good decor for your home if you put them in the an appropriate arrangement.

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