If you’ve taken the choice that you want to be a massage therapist and then pursue a career path in the bodywork field then you must determine what kind of therapy you’d like to specialize in. A majority of massage therapists are trained in more than one aspect in massage. This opens the doors to more services you could offer (and as well, more locations that you can get work that can translate into greater earnings). Each type of massage requires specific education. There are about 80 kinds of massages, however, we’ll just mention a handful of the most popular types in this article.

Swedish. Swedish massages have become the most popular and well-known type of massage offered in the US. Swedish massage draws on Western notions in physiology and anatomy. It was first introduced by Swedish scientist Per Henrik Ling. In your education to become an expert in this type of therapy you will concentrate on five strokes that are fundamental that flow toward the heart. This kind treatment is an excellent choice for people who are new to the field. One of the advantages of this kind of massage is it is that it can be done slowly and gently or vigorously. Most of the time the duration of it is recommended that a Swedish massage can last between 50 and 60 minutes. In order to perform this type of massage, you’ll employ massage oils to relax the muscles. The client is usually naked, surrounded by sheets or towels. Similar to other types of therapy, Swedish massage helps to encourage relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage. The deep tissue massage one type of massage which focuses on working on the layers of the body to ease, lengthen, and break up tension patterns. When you think of the deep-tissue massage you may imagine the masseuse to be massive and exerting an massive quantity of pressure. But, this is an inaccurate assumption. To get the effects from deep-tissue massage you’ll learn to utilize your elbows as well as forearms to achieve powerful results. Additionally, you will be taught how to alter the angle of your massage to your body. Massage for deep tissue can be performed without straining and requires only a small amount of massage oil. It’s all about the correct technique, and that’s why it’s essential to obtain education in the fields of massage therapy that you’d like to be specialized.

Massage Therapy for Sports. Because many athletes take their bodies to their limits so it’s no surprise that they could profit greatly from the practice of massage. The sport massage is a form of bodywork which focuses on the application of massage techniques and stretching exercises to improve the performance of athletes. Massage is offered prior to an event, following an occasion, and at moments when an athlete is in working in a maintenance state (such during an off-season break). Sports massage is great for those suffering from injuries or restricted motion. If you are performing a massage for sports the focus is usually on a particular area of concern for example, the shoulders or neck.

Pregnancy Massage. Pregnancy is the time when the body of a woman undergoes many changes. Massage during pregnancy is intended to assist women find the right balance during these changes. Massage is adapted to each trimester, because the body’s structure changes dramatically throughout all three. In your course you will be taught how to properly place a pregnant woman on the table for massage. Massage for pregnancy helps alleviate stress, increase circulation, and aid in the overall wellbeing of the mother-to be. Some of the ailments that you can help ease include joint discomfort and sciatic nerve pain and swelling, edema, or swelling. Additionally, you will be taught details about anatomy, physiology and the pregnancies body, the precautions needed to ensure healthy births, and the anxiety and concerns for pregnant women.

Shiatsu Massage. Shiatsu is a type of bodywork, and specifically, acupressure massage. Shiatsu is, in Japanese refers to pressure with fingers and a large part of the basis originated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the concept of energy pathways in the body. It is common to practice Shiatsu massaging on a mat on the floor, however you can also learn to perform it at tables or while the client is in the chair. There are no lotions or oils utilized and the person takes off their shoes. Shiatsu massage is a great way to ease anxiety, stomach discomfort headaches, and digestive discomfort. You will be taught how to apply pressure to energy points to ensure that the flow of “chi” (life energy) is restored.

This is by no means a complete list of all the diverse types of massage therapies. There are more than 80 recognised massage techniques. As you complete the formal training and education, you’ll likely become proficient in three or two different types of massage. As you progress in your profession and experience, you can begin to focus your attention on a specific areas. The better you’re at specific areas, the better results you’ll see which will result in happier customers plus more revenue for. The ultimate goal of your business is to please customers. Therefore, you should explore as many options as you can, until you can find one that is most comfortable to you.