Many businesses are available to help you find the right business for you. Manchester Business Directory is a great resource to help you locate them. Here are 10 types possible firms you could search.

1. Manchester Plumbers-If you don’t get your pipe issues fixed immediately, it can cause serious damage to your home and office. Look up reputable local plumbers using the directory.

2. Manchester Electricians – This is a similar story. Finding a professional who is trustworthy and reasonably priced can be difficult. A directory can be a valuable resource.

3. Manchester Florists. Send flowers to your Mum, Girlfriend or Mother. If you want to send flowers to someone close to them, then you need to find a florist.

4. Manchester Hairdressers. Sometimes a new look can transform your style. Before you book an appointment for a salon, check out reviews.

5. Manchester Driving Schools- Once you have started learning to drive you will be eager to pass and take your test. Driving school can help get you there faster.

6. Manchester Builders – If you need help with building or construction, there are a few people you can get estimates from.

7. Manchester Gardeners-If you’re having trouble keeping your garden looking great or if you’d like to have the entire thing re-landscaped, then it is worth checking out local gardeners.

8. Manchester Train Stations. If you want to travel into Manchester, you should research the locations and stations of each station.

9. Manchester Shopping Centres-From the Trafford Centre down to the Arndale, Manchester has plenty to offer in terms of shopping.

10. Manchester Cinemas- Why not add a visit at a nearby Cinema to enjoy the latest movies while shopping in Manchester?

So, if you’re looking for a Manchester builder, florist or electrician, a 24 hours electrician could help you find the right companies.