One of the advantages when working as a book publisher is the possibility to monitor various marking campaigns and observe the way they function. A number of my authors are seeing positive results with bookmarks used to market their books.Bretelles hommes et femmes

Bookmarks were common things in every school, library and at homes. Did your teachers remind you to not bend the edges of the book and instead make use of the bookmark instead? Mine did. Books cost money and had to be handled with respect.mode

Even if you don’t make use of a bookmark when you read, think about making use of bookmarks to advertise your book. They’re inexpensive printing, easy to carry, and give plenty of space for advertising. If you’ve got a pile of bookmarks it is easy to hand them out to those around you during a discussion with them about the book. If you’re adventurous, you can insert your bookmark in similar books at a bookshop or library. You can also hand out the bookmarks during networking occasions to help with your introduction.

You could also add two bookmarks to the packaging of the books you offer, asking customers to pass the additional bookmark on to someone else who will enjoy your book. Word of mouth is by far the most effective method of marketing and giving a second bookmark is a good method to promote it.

If you’re thinking of creating bookmarks to promote your book, you could print locally or I would suggest getting the prices from two different sources to make comparisons.

Choose heavy-duty paper to ensure the bookmark is strong- 120 pounds of cards are the norm for bookmarks. They should also have glossy coating.

You’ll be able to choose if you would like an all-color front, with background in black and white, or two-sided color printing. This will affect the cost of your order.vintage

If, for instance, you purchase your bookmark on You will pay 20 cents for each bookmark the front color as well as black and white prints in the back. Printing color on both sides can increase the price to 30 cents for each but it will appear attractive.

Take note of the text you choose to use in your bookmark. It’s important to include an image of your book’s cover, your web address along with some helpful details about your book.

Create a bookmark that people can post onto a bulletinboard, or put on the refrigerator’s door. Utilize humor, post an inspirational quote or helpful suggestions.