I wish I had the enough time to attend book signings. I enjoy meeting new people, and it’s always satisfying when people tell you that, in front of you, it was a success and have helped them.bonnet

But, the majority of writers are introverts or, like me and don’t have enough time to go out and sell their books to”the “real world” due to a variety of reasons, such as family obligations.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, it’s now easier than ever to sell your work, as well as do all of it at home from your couch.bob

These tips can be applied for any type written work, these guidelines are designed to help you promote your book. No matter what you do to promote your work it is important to utilize your advertising to connect with people and grow your fan base.

Through gaining a following, each time you publish your new book, you’ve got an immediate market. This is the secret to make a large amount of money off your books.

1. Maximize your use Amazon. Amazon.

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of this website because it provides a variety of ways to interact to your visitors. List Mania, blogs forums reviews, profiles, and more. Think about Amazon as a good place to begin your journey into book marketing. Explore the site. Explore Amazon Connect, the service to connect your customers. Make the most of what this site can provide and start marketing.

2. Write articles.

So, I’m attracted to this technique of marketing. It’s simple, and it does the job. Marketing and writing articles is a simple method to market since it lets you qualify your customers. After they’ve read your article they’ll be able to tell the kind of information they are searching for (provided you create the resource box in a way that’s related to the service you offer.)chapeaux

3. Distribute a news release.

Your book is certainly newsworthy. How you convey this news will determine whether other people take the time to read your press announcement.

Check out the most popular press release websites and read them thoroughly. Find releases from new books. Utilize the information you have learned to write your press release. Then compose your own. Make sure to distribute it to as many websites that you are able to.

4. Create a blog.

A blog is a different way to build your public relations and is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your customers. Make use of blogs to establish a connection with your readers and build your following. Include advice, articles, reviews as well as other relevant information to your subject. It will also help identify your potential customers as in the event that your information illustrates how your book addresses the problem.

5. Give an unpaid Teleseminar.

Teleseminars for free are more accessible than ever before and especially thanks to the numerous websites offering free teleconferences. Join an account free of charge on one of these websites, and make sure to promote your free seminar. During your teleseminar, be sure to inform all your audience about your book and demonstrate how it will help them solve their issues.

Offer a copy the class recording to advertise your book.

6. Make use of social marketing tools to advertise.

Social marketing tools include websites such as Twitter and bookmarking websites videos, and other sites. Tweet to let people know about your book, or bookmark your book’s page or make the video book tour. If you provide information of your novel in a variety of formats, you can be more appealing to people who are interested in the book.

7. Make use of social marketing to make connections.

Social media marketing websites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and many more allow users to connect with other users and establish connections. Make a profile on these websites and join in. Make sure to stay on the subject.