Reduce Turnover o Raise Productivity o Lower Absenteeism

A typical call centre employs 3 differing types of call centre Agents:

  1. Top Performing Agents – “Grade A” Agents with the “Right Stuff” that pushes them to Succeed, and therefore the seemingly Natural Compatibility with the Duties of the Position. you almost certainly have a couple of in your call centre Operation now and need that you simply could duplicate them.
  2. Adequate Agents – “Grade B” Agents who Perform their Duties Adequately Enough “to get by” – but No Better.
  3. Marginal Agents – “Grade C” Agents who have a High Level of Absenteeism, Low Productivity, Poor Performance & Poor Customer Satisfaction Ratings and who have a Negative Impact on Agent Team Morale.

We invite tons from today’s call centre Agent: Handle More Customers & Calls, Order Taking, Cross-Selling/UpSelling, Being Proficient with Computer & Support Systems, Being Non-Confrontational & Good-Humored, Work Well during a Team Environment, etc., etc.

People talk to people, not machines. It’s in nature. And in times of Corona more than ever. The lack of social interactions has been reduced to a minimum, so the only way out is often over the phone. With our telephone service from  Teleoffice24,  we ensure that your callers feel comfortable.