Flowers are more than just arranging flowers. Each professionally designed bouquet is carefully thought out.

Designers don’t have to follow any specific rules for flower arrangement. However, there are three distinct styles that can be classified.

These are the three types of flower arrangements

Professional florists would classify the styles of flower arrangements in three categories: Traditional, Oriental and Modern.

The Western flower arrangement, also known by traditional flower design, is a time-tested style of flower arranging that uses a lot of beautiful and colorful flowers. This flower style requires only a vase to arrange the flowers.

Oriental flower design refers to Japanese or Chinese styles that place a lot of emphasis on the arrangement’s appearance. Linear Oriental flower arrangements emphasize the use of negative spaces, floral forms, and textures.

Ikebana is a Japanese flower arrangement. It focuses on the lines of the twigs or leaves rather than the flowers as in Western arrangements. The Ikebana style combines a few blooms with the line of the leaves or twigs.

Modern flower arrangements use clean lines and sleek styling. However, the style is largely determined by the preferences of the designer. This arrangement is not designed according to the traditional method of flower arrangement. The combination of various accessories and a minimal amount of bright flowers is what makes this arrangement unique. Modern flower arrangements use ornamental geometric motifs and clear-lined containers to bring the geometric theme into every day life.

Why choose a Modern Flower Arrangement instead?

Modern flower arrangements are truly limitless. This flower arrangement can be used for any occasion and is a great gift idea for both men and women.

Many online florists offer a variety of modern arrangements. However, some might warn you that same day delivery may not be possible. Therefore, you should check with your florist before ordering flowers online.

As corporate gifts, modern flower arrangements are a great choice. They complement the modern interior design of most offices, reception areas and conference halls.

Modern flower arrangements with a bold, modern design can reflect the personality of your business and make a big impact on the perception that your customers have about you.

Modern flower arrangements make a strong design statement. This flower arrangement style speaks volumes about your personality. It is characterized by attention to detail and the use of unusual accessories.

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